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Red Carpet Facial

1hr 30mins


Give your skin a luxurious pamper with this red carpet facial

Starting off with finding the perfect environ product to match your skin type, following on with a relaxing lymphatic drainage face and neck massage.

Next will be the CACI non surgical treatment including the eye revive and then finishing off with the photo facial light fusion device.

Environ Products

Environ salon treatments and home care products are packed with powerful antioxidants and active vitamins to help improve the appearance of lines, sun-damage, problem skin, uneven skin tone and dryness.

The key ingredients in Environ products, such as vitamin A, Penta-peptides and potent protective antioxidants, are scientifically proven to combat environmental and physical ageing of the skin.

Environ can be purchased as a take home product to keep using after your treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment. The massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. The pressure from your blood vessels and movement from your muscles push the lymphatic fluid around.

 Lymphatic drainage massages can be especially relaxing because they can reduce pain levels in the body. The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators states that the rhythm, pressure and motion of lymph drainage massages work together to reduce pain and stress and to promote general vitality and well-being.


CACI Non-Surgical Treatment (inc eye revive)

CACI is a non surgical and non invasive, needle free skin tightening and lifting treatment designed to target the visible signs of ageing. If you are concerned about any of the following, CACI could be the right treatment for you:

  • Sagging Facial Muscles

  • Deep Wrinkles

  • Fine lines and signs of ageing

  • Lips

  • Drooping Jowls

  • Stretch marks/cellulite

  • Hooded eyes

  • Skin peeling

  • Skin hydration

  • Dull and tired looking skin

  • Acne / blemishes / pigmentation

  • Neck

  • Hand treatment

  • Body toning / sliming / shaping


Dermalux Tri-Wave 

Dermalux® instantly revitalises a tired and dull complexion. After just one treatment skin is hydrated, plump and radiant and redness and irritation is calmed. LED Phototherapy also promotes a feeling of wellbeing, helping to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life!

LED light therapy leaves your skin visibly plumper and more radiant after just one treatment, whilst stimulating cellular activity beneath the surface of the skin to create a healthy, long lasting effect. LED is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment.


To find out more information please call 

07700 875777

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