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About Heliocare®

Heliocare® is a leading line of sun protection products by Cantabria Labs.

Heliocare provides the best daily defence against sun damage and premature skin ageing. Each product is packed with intelligent ingredients that provide maximum broad spectrum protection against the sun’s damaging rays and defend the skin from deep within.

Heliocare understands that all skin is unique. That’s why they offer a range of formulations to suit your skin type, so that everyone can find a Heliocare product to fall in love with

Heliocare 360° will leave your skin looking and feeling beautifully soft and hydrated. There’s one to suit every skin type, so you can easily find a product that you’ll love to use every morning.

Keep your skin healthy and help to prevent the signs of ageing with Heliocare 360°.

UV protection

Heliocare 360° products contain a combination of mineral and non-mineral filters to absorb and scatter the sun’s rays. This combination allows high levels of protection in a range of beautiful formulations.

The Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid is the only exception to this, as it contains only mineral filters. Its advanced formulation means that it feels light and silky and leaves no white residue on the skin, a common issue with many mineral-only products.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to assess your skin and talk you through Helio products.

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Every Heliocare product contains Fernblock®, a powerful natural ingredient that is unique to the Heliocare® range.

Fernblock® comes from the fern Polypodium Leucotomos. Over time, this plant has developed a protective mechanism from the sun. Fernblock® harnesses this natural plant power to benefit the skin in so many ways, including defending skin cells from damage caused by the sun and protecting our skin cell DNA.


It’s the result of years of research and is backed by significant clinical data. 

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Did you know?


MYTH: The higher the SPF on my sun protection product, the better.


FALSE: The optimal SPF you use should be around 15 to 20. After this, increases in protection are very minimal and as the SPF number  increases, the array of chemicals also increases. Some of these sun cream agents have even been shown to be converted into free radicals by the sun.


MYTH: Powerful chemicals are the only thing that can shield skin from the sun.


FALSE: Mineral sun screens offer impressive protection. Ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide act as a barrier between the skin and sun – reflecting away UV rays. Unlike chemical sunscreens,

these minerals are not degraded by UV, and so provide long lasting protection from the sun.


MYTH: The longer I stay in the sun without protection, the more vitamin D my body makes.


FALSE: Our skin only creates vitamin D for the first 20 minutes of sun exposure (specifically, exposure to UVB rays). After that, UV rays destroy vitamin D in the skin, meaning levels actually decrease the longer you spend in the sun without protection.

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